How To Submit Sitemap to Google

Made a new website? Want to get good amount of traffic or rank up high in Google Search? If then you must have come across Google Webmaster - Seo.

One of the most common issues comes up when we try to address our website to Google SEO. 

Well Google doesn't ask you to pay for getting your website post's and page's to get indexed in Google Search Engine. All you need to do is tell Google about your website and leave it all to Google further.

This can be achieved through the help of sitemap files. In simple words all you need to do is Generate Sitemap of your website and submit the Sitemap to Google.   

Google Search Console is a free tool that lets you control your website from the search engine’s view.

First Understand what a Sitemap is and why it is important to submit Sitemap to Search Engines.

What is a sitemap?

Well a Sitemap is a XML file that contains all the Url's inside your blog or website. This helps all Url Crawlers or Google to find all your Urls at one place and index them eaily in Google Search Engine.

There are many aspects of your site that Crawlers follow such as size of your sitemap and number of urls in your sitemap.

Or in short a sitemap is index of your blog where you can find all the Url's of your website and where search bots find your all url's of your website.

See this article for more information on sitemaps - Aritcle.

If you have a normal website then you can use sitemap genrator tools to get a sitemap for your website. For wordpress blogs sitemap you can use plugins which keep updating your sitemap automatically as you publish a post or create a page. This way you don't have to manually submit updated sitemaps.

How to Generate Sitemap for your Website?
As I said for a blog you can use a sitemap generator to create a sitemap for your blog and submit it.

You can use any of the following Sitemap Generators to generate sitemap for your website or blog:
1. Go to this link :